Sirens: Malibu Crime Report 2/4-2/19

Crime Report

The following incidents were reported between 2/4-2/19:



Business burgled

Sheriff’s deputies responded to a burglary call at a cannabis business on PCH. It was unknown how much cash and/or merchandise was stolen.



Lagoon larceny

A window was smashed and designer sunglasses, a purse and cash were stolen from a vehicle parked at the Malibu Lagoon.



Beer bust

A visibly intoxicated man and woman made a failed attempt to convince a gas station clerk to sell them a 12-pack of beer before walking out of the store with the stolen merchandise, at a station located on PCH.



Worksite heist

Nearly $63,000 worth of machinery and tools were stolen from a construction site on Civic Center Way, including several generators, a jackhammer, a pipe fusion machine and a concrete consolidator.



Copper crime

About $50 worth of copper piping was stolen from a job site at a residence on PCH.



Scene of the crime

A restaurant worker finishing his shift went to his car parked on PCH to find a suspect had smashed his window and was still in the vehicle. The male suspect made off with a backpack and sweater. 



Apple jacked

Two iPhone 7s, a wallet and wireless earbuds were stolen from a vehicle parked at Malibu Lagoon. The owner had hidden the key under the car’s rear bumper.

Rental ransack

A rental property on Malibu Road was broken into and ransacked, and a garage door opener was stolen.

Hiker theft

A passenger window was smashed on a car parked on Corral Canyon Road and a purse, charge cards, wallet and Connecticut driver’s license were stolen.

Bike bummer

A $13,000 mountain bike was stolen after its chain was cut. The bike was locked to a vehicle parked at PCH and Guernsey.



Family feud

Three eight-foot surfboards and boots — valued at a total of $2,200 — were stolen from a trailer parked on Mulholland Highway. The victim suspected it may have been the work of a relative of the property owner.

Certificate swiped

A woman’s purse, wallet, charge cards, android smart phone, car key and birth certificate were stolen from a vehicle parked at Leo Carrillo State Beach after its front passenger window was smashed.

Camera capture

Two cameras, a monopod, battery and lens extension were stolen from a vehicle parked at the public lot on Winding Way, and the vehicle was damaged when it was broken into.



Jewelry jacked

A slew of expensive goods including a new iPhone, platinum wedding band, Hublot watch and diamond-studded dog tag — valued at a total over $60,000 — were stolen from a vehicle parked at Topanga State Beach after the owner used a “hide a key.”