Vacillating school board


    When my daughter was in kindergarten last year, I had originally planned to participate in the Express program in which younger siblings are cared for until the older elementary school students are released. Unfortunately for me this service was eliminated and I was forced to pay the full day day-care fee (until 6 p.m.) even though I only used it until 2 p.m. I’m glad that the Express program is back, but the experience shows that the School District makes sudden changes without consulting parents or caring for the impact on families.

    I have watched the discussions with the School Board on TV and feel that I’m seeing the same kind of behavior repeated. The parents have not been informed of the current proposals to alter staffing. I have already experienced some changes in staffing the afterschool program at Point Dume. It has become very apparent to me that there is now an experienced teacher in charge. I was pleased to think that the School District had finally made a good decision to fix a problem.

    Now I’m not sure I can trust what they do.

    Nancy Blanchette