Drying on the line


Engineer/inventor Bob Lynch has come up with a wonderful green idea for all Malibu greenies. Here is the unique opportunity for green spirited Malibu residents to truly help solve the energy crisis. An opportunity for the famous and not famous of Malibu to visually set a leadership example for all America! This is an energy conservation plan that can be started immediately. The power savings are massive.

First, a brief physics lesson. Any engineer is aware that using electricity to heat air is a highly inefficient use of power. Most of the modern world uses electric power to dry laundry, and it’s the greatest waste of power known to man. The solution is simple. It’s called a clothesline. The technology has been perfected for years. When I was young, we had clothes lines in most back yards. There were no electric clothes dryers. The process was 100% efficient. All the clothes were dried with no energy input other than my mother clipping the clothes to the rope.

While we’re at it, greenies believe switching to fluorescent bulbs is a badge of honor. However, the power savings are so miniscule that they are only cited in savings over a ten year period. Malibu’s clothesline plan would instantly bring us power savings to immediately dwarf any attempt at Malibu light bulb savings.

On the beach, the clotheslines would be strung on the decks in front of the sand. Talk about great aerial shots. For the rest of Malibu, in the hills, the canyons, the laundry would be placed for the entire world to see what’s going on. Any Malibu neighbors who object to underwear can use enclosed courts. The results in Malibu’s new lower consumption of electricity will help millions to see the light. And the landscape will look like a visit from Cristo. This is good Malibu public relations and not the shallow attempt of the City Council hiring a PR firm.

Greenies can visualize the day when all of the Malibu has visible hanging clotheslines with a rainbow of colors waving in the Malibu breezes. Malibu can create a timeless new look from the beaches to the hills! Thanks to Bob Lynch, the engineer who discovered the anthropological prevention and cure to lower back pain.

Peter Fleming