Letter: Equality lighting


Let’s please stop using girls’ games as an excuse to further lights. There are now many examples of coastal schools, even colleges, that have compromised with far less than 16 nights. Berkeley allows for a total of 8 games only and Skyline in Oakland allows no more than 10 games. Neither uses the lights for practices. The number of nights in both cases are for girls and boys combined. Of course girls and boys can continue to practice and play countless number of games without lights as they have done for so many years. 

Some schools like Palos Verdes have made the decision that these lights are inappropriate for the area and that the money can go to far better use. Some schools have even entered into good neighbor agreements to limit use of lighting. These schools and others with no lights have shown to even have healthier sports programs than Malibu. Why can’t our school have a great sport program and be a good neighbor? 

The surrounding community has agreed to the compromise. We’re asking the rest of the community, the school district, the city, and the Shark Fund to have empathy for your neighbors that have to live with them. 

Cami Winikoff