Cause and effect?


Isn’t it ironic that the same Sunset Mesa residents who won’t let Cal Trans on their properties in order to clear up the mess on PCH could just possibly be the same residents who could have caused the slide? Let’s look at the picture on the cover of The Malibu Times dated March 17, 2005. Could it be those McMansions that were recently built on the cliffside? Please tell me, why is the majority of the slide in front of the two McMansions? It is my opinion that the pools and weight of the two new McMansions caused the slope to be weakened. Please tell me why the worst slide is in front of those houses. The entire cliffside had the same amount of rain.

Let’s get on it and let Caltrans do their jobs. Do you know how many people you have annoyed and irritated by your behavior? Just look at the traffic backed up for miles both ways. How about the restaurant owners who are thinking of closing their restaurants because business is so bad from the traffic! Start thinking outside your own universe. There is a whole beautiful world out there and it doesn’t revolve around you. Your actions are hurting a huge amount of people and families.

Rochelle C. Booth

Resident of Sunset Mesa and patron of Cholada restaurant