Rare appreciation


Judging from the letters to the editor, a lot of residents in Malibu seem to have the “what have you done for me lately” mentality. There are the letters criticizing the council for not stopping commercial development, but no one seems to remember that it was the council that managed to buy the Chili Cook-Off site where a large shopping center was planned. Then there are the letters that blame the council for not keeping the lumber store here. But the lumberyard went out of business way before the purchase of Chili Cook-Off. If the city couldn’t rent out that space, they wouldn’t have had the money to buy the land. Hence, we would have had a shopping center on what will now be a park, no lumberyard.

For those who have forgotten, it was this council that ended a 20-year struggle to obtain Bluffs Park and saved our ball fields. How about Las Flores Park, which is now complete with a playground, creek restoration and picnic areas? And Cross Creek Road finally looks like a small city main street instead of a dusty slum. So let’s give a little credit where credit is due. If this new council does half as well as the old one, I’ll be satisfied.

Howard Rudzki