Support for troops


The following was addressed to Valerie Sklarevsky. Thank you for your powerful reminder of our obligation to support the troops, not only while they are “over there” fighting, but especially after they return from their mission. As you stated so eloquently, it is not enough just to send them messages and care packages while they are overseas, but the support should continue after they have returned home. The battle continues for those who have been wounded physically and/or emotionally and they deserve our unfailing, uninterrupted attention.

There are many groups that have been formed by concerned citizens like yourself that reach out to these heroes. For those wishing to help, they can find these groups on the Internet. Some of these are Soldiers’ Angels, Operation Band Aid, America Supports You and U.S. Wounded Soldiers Foundation.

Malibu, I have found, is a very compassionate community, eager to participate when given the opportunity. There will be a booth again at the Malibu Arts Festival and Chili Cook-Off where visitors can stop by and write a note to a soldier now serving in Iraq or Afghanistan, or to a wounded soldier recovering at home. These simple messages of gratitude mean so much to them. As one soldier from Point Mugu e-mailed us recently, “Thank you and your organization for sending a piece of home out to us here in Iraq. It means the world to us who are away from our home and families.” I hope you will drop by. Just look for the “Support Our Troops” sign.

Thanks again for your concern for our brave men and women in the military, to whom we owe so much.

Cindy Linke, coordinator

Operation Interdependence