Pole politics

Dear Mary,

I cannot resist the temptation to respond to your problems as described in The Malibu Times Aug. 13 edition, mostly because we seem to share the same misery, in a way.

It may be of some comfort to know that when compared to my efforts to be heard by anyone, you have managed to do so. Congratulations are in order, but you have been given the same snow job from Edison that I have had to live with for 25 years, the article implies that I do not exist, another lie?

When I bought my home there were two high-tension lines over the house, a year later, two telephone lines were installed, 10 feet above my roof, without my permission to do so (and without title rights).

Next, three cable lines and telephone lines directly in front of my house. Next, extending the height of a pole to add more lines with two tees, and the addition of a large transformer. All visibly destroying any view that I once had.

There are so many lines attached to one pole, the pole is bending under the strain, and that pole supports the high-voltage lines over my house.


They do not permit any camouflage for me, they are up here two and three times a year cutting everything down that gets near a pole. And in doing so, have gone through my roof, causing me to replace same, and then they deny!

I live in a prison of telephone poles and California Edison knows it, and they also know that they have reduced my property value to zero. I have no view left, and no one cares, no one.

Doris K. Janis

The Malibu Times is the first newspaper in Malibu, serving the community since 1946.

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