Appreciate Your Soccer Options


    My name is David Simpson and I’m writing to thank everyone involved in the American Youth Soccer Organization Under 12 Girls All-Star Team. This was the first year that I’ve been involved in AYSO soccer and I found it very beneficial. It was a pleasure to work with Jill and Harold Smith, whom above all made me feel very appreciated. I was told by the parents of many of the children that they enjoyed having me as a coach: and that not only was the experience fun but they also learned a lot. I became involved with AYSO when a neighbor of mine, Chris Nansel (a coach for his daughter’s regular season team) remembered that I had played soccer as a child and was still an active adult player. He suggested that I come out and give a hand, and I found that the more I saw the kids learning, the more I enjoyed helping out. I am a perfect example that one need not only become involved in coaching when they have a child on the team. It is a rewarding experience. Moreover, as I didn’t have a child of my own playing there was no risk of bias towards one’s own child — a problem that I know some parent coaches have. I would strongly recommend that more people with soccer backgrounds get involved. Thanks again to all the parents, AYSO, Chris Nansel and most importantly the kids.

    David Simpson