Being Alone is Real Great


    Verse one

    Being alone is real great

    You can do things.

    Tonight I am alone.

    No noise, but my noise.

    Thermostat not too hot or too cold.

    Stereo up or down as I please.

    No “excuse me” if I cough or burp.

    No “gezundheit” on a sneeze.

    Being alone is real great.

    You can: blow your nose,

    Strike a pose,

    Squash a rose.

    Clean your toes,

    Read or doze,

    Count your woes,

    Shed your clothes,

    Being alone.

    Turn up the music, sing,

    be Placido,

    or, with an old kitchen knife

    for a baton

    lead the symphony

    Be Zubin Mehta,

    take a deep bow

    and not get stabbed by

    the First Violin

    or poked in the butt –

    that’s security!

    Being alone, you can

    turn off the music,

    turn off the lights,

    turn off the world.

    So still now. So quiet.

    Being alone is real great.

    Verse two

    I’d rather be with you.

    -By Bill Dowey