Letter: The Middle

Letter to the Editor

I’m not sure why we are dealing with the silliness of national politics in left vs. right when there are so many unsolved issues right here in Malibu (fires, view ordinance, short term rentals, rebuilding, etc). I try to watch both sides of the cable news divide and from doing so, it’s obvious the left has wanted to impeach Trump since day one, which seems odd to me. Hillary [Clinton] blew an easy win and, had former FBI director [James] Comey not given her a pass and forced her to withdraw, [Joe] Biden would have been the natural substitute and won easily. 

Trump was basically a brash liberal New Yorker, which might explain why a lot of Republicans like Paul Ryan didn’t like him, but as the facts come out about various intelligence agents trying to destroy him by fabricating collusion with Russians, etc., I figure there must be more.

I think it all comes down to the president’s comments about “draining the swamp,” meaning too many in Washington are getting rich at our expense. It also explains why 40 congressional Republicans quit in 2016. After all, they could retire and keep all the cash in their campaign funds. Others joined Democrats in opposing policies they’d once supported just because they were now pushed by Trump. As an outsider, Trump threatened to take away the sweetheart deals and enrichment schemes for their families. Congressmen get elected broke and retire rolling in money, but Trump threatens to take that away. Hunter Biden gets appointed to the board of a Ukrainian oil company at $80,000 a month, but has no experience. Hundreds of millions pour into the Clinton Foundation when people think Hillary will be president, but when she loses, there are no more donations. Trump is an existential threat to this, so the deep state decides he must go—even at the expense of the country.

Scott Dittrich