Other side of the coin


Well, I just read Donna Fleming’s letter (Sept. 9). Can you say, a bit partisan? Ms. Fleming needs to consider just a couple of things. First, “tax cuts for the rich.” Did you ever hear of a poor person giving anyone a job? Next, that Republicans are going after Kerry with baseless attacks. Ms. Fleming no doubt has no idea of Moveon.org or Michael Moore. But she can attack Zell Miller, the senator who endorsed and gave a keynote convention speech for Bill Clinton in 1992. I guess she thought that was O.K., but if Senator Miller now has a different view from hers, her vitriolic attack on him is just fine.

Ms. Fleming needs to look at just a few “facts.” We’re at war. Our economy is doing fine even though the attack of 9/11 cost over 1,500,000 jobs. The unemployment rate is about what it was during the Clinton presidency. Interest rates are low and small business, the engine of the economy, continues to flourish. By the way, Mr. Fleming, is that you giving drivers on PCH with Bush/Cheney stickers a middle finger salute. You need to mellow out and enjoy the Malibu lifestyle just in case your taxes go up.

The other Republican in Malibu.

Art Newman