LASD Homicide Bureau Looking Into Seven Incidents Prior to Malibu Creek State Park Shooting

California State Parks Public Safety Superintendent Tony Hoffman on the scene at Malibu Creek State Park Friday, June 22, where the murder of a 35-year-old father of two was being investigated.

Detectives at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Homicide Bureau are currently investigating the death of 35-year-old Tristan Beaudette. They are looking into previous incidents in the area as part of their investigation efforts, according to a media release.

The release states: “Homicide detectives are advising, at this time there is no evidence to suggest the past shootings are related to the June 22, 2018 homicide. However, due to the fact that the motive is unknown, a link between the past shootings and the murder will be explored as part of the homicide investigation.” 

Here are the dates of the incidents that the detectives are looking into:

California State Parks jurisdiction incidents:

• Nov. 3, 2016

• Nov. 9, 2016

• Jan. 7, 2017

• July 30, 2017

  LASD jurisdiction incidents:

• July 22, 2017

• June 6, 2017

• June 18, 2018

It is unclear whether these incidents involved deaths or injuries. 

The most recent case, involving Beaudette, occurred at Malibu Creek State Park on June 22. The chemist from Irvine, Calif., had been camping with his two daughters, ages two and four, when he was shot in the head at approximately 4:44 a.m. All three were in the tent at the time of the shooting, as confirmed by officials. Beaudette died at the scene shortly after.

A suspect has not yet been identified.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the LASD Homicide Bureau at 323.890.5500.