Locals lend a hand

Safety Harbor Kids youth and volunteers gather for the 7th Annual Etiquette and Manners Brunch at Duke’s.

More than 50 community members gathered for Safety Harbor Kids 7th Annual Etiquette and Manners Brunch last month at Duke’s. The event took place to benefit the organization, which aids local orphans, foster and homeless children through education in the areas of college, career and the arts.

As the children arrived at the event, they were greeted by Malibu volunteers who helped them complete personal interviews about their goals for the future. The children were given baskets with books and school supplies, and also participated in an Easter egg hunt.

Additionally, they took part in college planning and tool safety certification sessions.

Safety Harbor Kids was founded in 2007 by John Williams, a parentless child who grew up in Malibu, renting a room at age 16.