Letter: Heal the Canyons

Letter to the Editor

The MRCA is continuing to do great harm to the landscape and natural habitat of Malibu. Recently, Joe Edmiston‘s recreation agency brought in truckloads of dirt that were not checked for contaminants. The dirt went next to a blue-line stream, which dumps into the ocean. This is to modify the hiking trails of Puerco Canyon under the guise that they are preparing a campsite and trails system to serve the “underserved and disadvantaged communities.” What, in fact, has happened is the site has been used by the MRCA to charge rent for the use of the site for filming of motion pictures and TV. These shoots even have included areas exclusively designated as “smoking areas.” In addition, the City of Malibu issued a stop work order, which has been ignored. This just is another reckless misuse of the natural habitat in Malibu by the MRCA. Malibu canyons are in serious jeopardy by the overuse and over burdening of the natural habitat. The Woolsey Fire destroyed most of the vegetation and the home habitat for wildlife. We must all work to help stop this destruction and prevent further desecration to start to heal the canyons.

Ken Kearsley