The right of rite


    Re: Letter to the editor, “Hanging in the balance,” April 29.

    Last week’s letter from “Stevo” complained that too much “occult and Eastern Mysticism” has been “draping the front pages” of The Malibu Times. Steve also says that “the God of this nation … has been ousted by the government in 1962”.

    Dear Stevo: There is no “God of this nation.” We have freedom of religion here. We can have any god we want — or no god at all. Stevo quotes from the Bible to bolster his argument, but Bible quotes are often self-destructive. When I read in II Kings 19:35 that God sent an angel to slaughter 185,000 human beings in one night, and in Isaiah 45:7, when God said “I create evil,” I realized that this was not the god for me.

    Fortunately, there are over 300 organized religions in the world, so I have many gods to choose from.

    George Wood