Letter: Warm Welcome

Letter to the Editor

On behalf of the Malibu Woman’s Club, thank you very much to Arnold and Karen York for tirelessly serving the Malibu community by continuing to print the local news in our weekly newspaper during this digital age. Enjoy the retirement!

Also, welcome to Nicholas and Hayley Mattson and thank you for taking over The Malibu Times! Reading from the printed paper is still a very important ritual for many, especially for those of us who grew up before the internet! I’ll look forward to opening my mailbox and seeing our community’s good news on the front page!

Last but not least, thank you to the editors, writers and staff for publishing the Malibu students who win our annual fifth and eighth grades’ contests and 12th grade scholarship awards. Through the recognition of their accomplishments, we hope that these amazing students of Malibu continue to strive for excellence and make their dreams into reality.

To continue our mission, MWC needs to grow our membership by spreading the word.

We hope that we can reach out to you soon in order to share the good news that the Malibu Woman’s Club does for the Malibu community. malibuwomansclub.com.

Ayako Yoshida

Malibu Woman’s Club