Letter: We Need Facts

Letter to the Editor

Letter addressed to Senator Henry Stern, Assembly Member Richard Bloom and Supervisor Sheila Kuehl

The number of deaths for 3/21/20 doubled from the day before, according to LA County.

Doctors around the world have asked for people to stay home to save lives. Doctors are making choices right this moment about who will live and who will die. I pray for them and all affected by this global pandemic.

We are a great nation, we can get through this if we all stay home—just for a little while. 

This is not the time for vacation and to travel out and about for fun, but a time for warriors to do the right thing—ask not, “Where will I go in my car today that will make me feel good for a moment or two?”, ask, “What will I sacrifice for others to keep our county and country safe in this pandemic?”

What have you done to get this message out? Have you closed the beaches? Have you closed the piers? Have you discouraged or encouraged people to stay safer at home?

Incredibly, at 10 a.m. this morning (March 22) LA County sent this: “Public MUST social distance while on beaches and trails”.  Does this message encouraging/reminding people to get to the beach and go for hikes as long as they stay a “safe distance” ie. six feet away? What about our first responders who now may have to respond to the many traffic accidents because people needed to simply get away from home?

Doctors are saying stay home, save lives. You are sending out messages saying if you go to the beaches and hike, keep six feet away from each other.

I hope and pray you will rise to the occasion, and encourage all to stay safer at home. I also hope and pray that our healthcare system will be able to manage the tsunami of COVID-19 patients in the coming days, weeks and months thanks to your “six feet away” policy and messaging today.

Pamela Conley Ulich