Letter: A Call for Action

Letter to the Editor

I must admit, I do not understand Malibu parents. When I was a teenager, a long time ago, I was given x-ray treatments to treat my moderate acne. Of course, many years later, it was discovered that those treatments can, and did, cause infertility and an increased chance of getting breast cancer. My parents, of course, did not know this at that time. But Malibu parents do know that the level of PCBs at Malibu High School and Juan Cabrillo is high. Even if the levels were lower than the state allows, I would think that it would be too high for parents to allow their kids to spend all day exposed, and the levels found were way, way higher than that.

It would seem to me that the only way to get this corrupt district to act properly, in addition to the lawsuit, is to boycott the school. If the parents at the schools would keep their children home and put a picket line in front of the schools, the media would attend and the attention would show the world what is going on. The parents must show that they will not put up with the district ignoring the danger that its policy is putting children in.

How can a community call itself caring of people and the environment and ignore the health of its children? How can people insist on organic foods and think it’s OK to expose kids to PCBs? The authorities are afraid that helping Malibu will open a can of worms, but if other schools are also affected, that can should certainly be opened.

I was a single working mother with two adopted children, so I know it is a commitment to boycott, but children are all about commitment.


 Ginette Kingman