Someone is on the ball

This letter is in response to the commentary you (Arnold York) wrote on the “Casualties of War.” During the last six months all I’ve been hearing from the city inspector Gail Sumpter and Vic Peterson our building official (and even from our own city council members) is that “we are only doing our job.” What a cop-out–what a great excuse!

The only one really doing their job here is Arnold York. For just not looking the other way but for addressing and revealing the truth. We all have jobs or careers where we come upon issues that are wrong and have to make a decision to do the right thing.

For public information, I do not live in a travel trailer or a “shanty” described by Ms. Gail Sumpter. I live in a private and hidden from the public “Martha Stewart Cottage.” Don’t for a moment think I’m an isolated case in this matter. There are many more like me struggling daily to live here in Malibu and living in these guest house situations. I was told very quietly and politely that I was being evicted. It was based on safety and hazard issues, but yet, when the report came out we were found clean, and all we had to do was make a set of stairs wider, which was immediately done.

Personally, I’ve come to know some very difficult and very stressful times. I’ve also lost a lot of trust in human nature and seen a lot of injustice in our world. But after reading Arnold’s letter, it restored my faith and trust. There are people who really care for what is right and for protecting those who cannot. All I can say to you, Arnold York, is thank you for making such a stand on this issue and may God bless you for it.

Deborah Cyan Campbell-Olk

P.S. Isn’t every city mandated to have affordable housing?

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