News Briefs


Sierra Club loses development challenge

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge handed down a decision earlier this month against the Malibu chapter of the Sierra Club in its lawsuit against developer Russel Shears. The Sierra Club had challenged the construction of two homes located on Shears’ Latigo Shore Drive property. Shears had applied for variances from the city’s beachfront height requirements after it was found the homes were built 10 feet higher on the beach side than originally approved. The City Council granted the variances, then the Sierra Club sued.

Unsweet holidays for horses

The Los Angeles County West Vector and Vector-Borne Disease Control District is warning horse owners of Summer Seasonal Recurrent Dermatitis, also known as sweet itch. The condition occurs when insects called biting midges attack horses, ponies and donkeys. In recent years, the disease has migrated to Southern California. Symptoms include severe itching, hair loss and flaky dandruff. In some cases, weeping sores occur, which may result in secondary infections if not treated. It is common for symptoms to appear in the winter months in animals between the ages of one and five. Some treatments for this incurable disease include insect repellant, insecticide and veterinary blankets. For more information call 915.7370 or go to