Letter: How About Facts?

Letter to the Editor

The fevered rants of Republicans are becoming as disjointed as their dear leader’s less-than-commanding connection to reality. Weisdorn’s letter (July 30) is an example.

Biden asked AOC to join his policy panel on climate; he did not intimate or say he will appoint her to head the EPA.

Elizabeth Warren is considered a worthy choice for treasury secretary in part because of her experience as a noted bankruptcy law professor, chairing the Congressional Oversight Panel for TARP and creating the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Her resume is perhaps not as scintillating as producing “The Lego Movie” or refusing to honor congressional subpoenas like the current secretary, but her entire career has been to level the economic playing field. Also, if Warren left the Senate, then the Republican governor of Massachusetts would appoint her successor. And if Democrats retake the Senate, her seat would be more influential than overseeing the U.S. mint and advising on—not dictating—economic policy. Treasury secretaries cannot introduce tax legislation, increase income taxes or arbitrarily drain your 401K.

Biden’s tax plan increases taxes on those earning more than $400,000, eliminates corporate tax breaks and ends fossil fuel subsidies. Not as fun as handing out trillions of dollars to our wealthiest citizens, but more responsible.

I know facts are verboten to right-wing thinking but at least a passing nod to reality would be appreciated in the future.

Bob Karpuk