Letter: The Tipping Point

Letter to the Editor

With the election on Nov. 4, our community and the Santa Monica community sent a clear message — we are all ready for a Malibu Unified School District. The votes have not all been fully counted, but Craig Foster showed support in every precinct in the entire school district. The ideas Foster was talking about — addressing the needs of all students in the district, bringing more control to the sites, and focusing on teachers and the achievement gap — resonated with everyone. The vote also signaled that the Santa Monica community is open to a separate Malibu school district, an issue that Foster has strongly supported.

With the district’s Financial Oversight Committee directed to analyze the separation effort and growing support from teachers, parents, and community groups, we have reached a tipping point toward an opportunity for all students to benefit from the separation of our district into two strong, independent organizations.

Studies have shown if the districts are separated, both communities will benefit financially and there is an opportunity to grow new curriculums, new ideas and local control of our schools. 

So we must continue rallying around efforts by community leaders, our City Council, Advocates for Malibu Public Schools and others to support these efforts. We all need to support the effort by spreading the news, writing checks and engaging our friends and families in Santa Monica to see this plan implemented. Take the time to research this issue as I believe you to will see now is the time for change. 

Seth Jacobson