Sirens: Malibu Crime Report Sept. 13–25

Crime Report

The following incidents were reported between 9/13-9/25:


Shoe steal 

A car was broken into while parked at Las Tunas Beach. More than 20 pairs of shoes and a handbag were stolen, amounting to more than $4,500 worth of damages. 


Key crime 

A surfer at Surfrider Beach left their keys on top of the car, which were used to enter the vehicle. $1,900 worth of personal items were stolen. 


Package pinched 

A package with contents amounting to $780 was stolen off of the porch of a residence on Acero Street. 


Tools taken 

Construction tools were stolen from a property site on Foose Road, including two saws and a vacuum amounting to $2,100 worth of damages. 

Missing mountain bike 

A $2,000 mountain bike was stolen from a pole near the Malibu Pier. 


Wine time

A suspect broke in through the front door of a liquor store on Pacific Coast Highway, which shattered the glass, and then broke into two cabinets and stole several bottles of wine. The stolen wine bottles amounted to $9,000, and the broken glass amounted to $1,000 worth of damage. 

Tool thief 

Construction tools were stolen from the back of a truck parked in eastern Malibu, resulting in $1,317 worth of damages.