MHS Parents Seek Community Help to Celebrate Seniors

The class of 2019 graduates.

Malibu High School parents are working to create a special recognition for this year’s MHS seniors, and organizers are looking for help from the community.

“Let’s show the Malibu High School Class of 2020 some community love! During their time in high school, they have endured PCBs, Woolsey, and now COVID-19. To honor their perseverance and commitment, we are calling on our community to come together to make our High School seniors feel special—especially during this time when they aren’t able to have normal senior events, senior prom or even a formal graduation,” wrote MHS mom Jennifer deNicola. 

Parents are seeking 145 community members willing to “adopt” a graduating senior to make their celebration special.

“Pick one senior, pick two, pick three!” deNicola wrote. “Reach out to them in all ways possible to celebrate their accomplishments. Send a letter, gift card, food, treats, gift basket, college gear, etc. Let’s celebrate them the only way we can right now.”

Community members who sign up will receive an email and be matched with a MHS 2020 senior (they officially graduate on June 9). The email will contain the name and contact information of your adopted senior. Participating seniors have filled out a questionnaire that contains their plans for next year and some of their favorite things to help volunteers get to know them.

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