Clean Power Alliance to Switch to 100% Green Power

Last week, Malibu residents received postcards notifying them of the city’s adoption of Clean Power Alliance’s 100% Green Power program, which will “allow CPA customers in Malibu to receive 100 percent renewable power generated by solar, wind and other renewable and carbon-free resources at a premium of 7-9 percent above [Southern California Edison] rates,” according to a City Manager Update released Sept. 4. 

City council voted to adopt the change, “which helps reduce the impacts of climate change and air pollution,” for Malibu CPA customers in October 2019. Starting on Oct. 1, 2020, the Green Power program will be the default for Malibu CPA customers, though they may opt out at any time and choose different rates and “renewable content” options. 

Malibu joins Sierra Madre, a city located near Pasadena, in the move. 

CPA operates across Los Angeles and Ventura counties. According to CPA’s website, they purchase clean power, which is then delivered by Southern California Edison, the primary electricity company for much of Southern California. 

To find out more or change your rates, visit or call 888.585.3788.

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