Dolphin Award winners announced

The 1998 Dolphin Awards recognizing individual or group contributions to Malibu were announced this week by Malibu Times publishers Arnold and Karen Portugal York. Many of those being honored this year are more then just individuals who have made significant contributions to Malibu. They are in many ways the heart and soul of this city.

Mark Ball

An activist in the Malibu business community, a leader in the fight to assure the city’s economic health. A former president of the Malibu Chamber of Commerce and Malibu Optimist Club and chair of the Business Roundtable.

Diane Baldwin

A photographer, a chronicler, a historian, who for many years recorded the people and history of Malibu through her camera lens for The Malibu Times. Her photographs always reflected her warmth and concern for the Malibu people.

John Harlow

A community activist who dedicated a lifetime to fighting all the good environmental battles to preserve Malibu. Appointed to the City Council and then elected overwhelmingly. A man who even as mayor never lost his independence nor his sense of humor and knew how to disagree, agreeably.

Jeannette Maginnis

A trial attorney, a spark plug and vice president in the Malibu Bar Association, and a leader in numerous community and religious activities, including serving as executive director of Keep Christ in Christmas, and numerous activities at Our Lady of Malibu school.

Laure Stern

A powerful force in the drive for superior public education in Malibu, chair of the Governance Council, and co-leader of the overwhelmingly successful recent bond issue that will bring the necessary funds to meet our local education needs.

Ed & Dorothy Stotsenberg

Both are longtime fixtures on the Malibu scene, noted for their energy, their vision and their philanthropy. Both are athletes and athletic competitors, and their generosity created and funded the Stotsenberg track, the Stotsenberg Races and the Stotsenberg Recital Series at Pepperdine.

Maud-Ann Sunderland

A former Swedish international athlete and a major leader in children’s activities in Malibu. She served several terms as president of the Malibu Little League and many years involved in the Juan Cabrillo PTA, of which she is a past president. She is now a director of PARCS.

Destination Malibu and its leaders Paul Spooner of Duke’s Malibu Restaurant, Jannis Swerman of Granita Restaurant and Alan Goldschneider of Malibu Beach Inn.

An independent committee of the Malibu Chamber of Commerce that worked and lobbied constantly and diligently to see that Pacific Coast Highway was re-opened to a full four-lane operation.

The Malibu Times is the first newspaper in Malibu, serving the community since 1946.

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