Deputies injured in PCH motorcycle crash

Two Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff's deputies on motorcycles collided on Pacific Coast Highway near Big Rock on Saturday, while on patrol to catch speeders. One who suffered three broken ribs and internal injuries was still hospitalized as of Tuesday; the other was released Monday with a broken finger and minor injuries. Photo courtesy of Rick Shima

The collision led to a closure of the highway in both directions near the Big Rock intersection for approximately two hours. The incident followed another lane-closing crash in nearby La Costa the previous evening.

By Jonathan Friedman / Assistant Editor

A Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff’s deputy remained in the hospital as of Tuesday following a motorcycle collision Saturday morning between he and another deputy on Pacific Coast Highway near the intersection at Big Rock.

Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff’s Lt. John Benedict told The Malibu Times that at approximately 7:15 a.m., Deputy John Young pulled out from the curb into traffic on Pacific Coast Highway to follow a speeding vehicle, and was then struck by a motorcycle driven by Deputy Shawn Bryant, moving in Young’s direction. The officers were in the area as part of the Beach Team program to catch speeding vehicles on the highway.

The deputies were airlifted to UCLA Medical Center. Young suffered three broken ribs and some internal injuries. Bryant broke a finger and received other minor injuries. He was released from the hospital Monday.

Benedict said the incident is being reviewed by the Sheriff’s Department’s Traffic Services Detail.

Pacific Coast Highway was closed in both directions immediately following the crash, with the investigation continuing for approximately two hours. Traffic was diverted northbound onto Topanga Canyon Boulevard. But that became problematic when another accident on that road stalled traffic.

The previous evening, a two-car collision occurred at the nearby La Costa neighborhood on Pacific Coast Highway causing the closure of the two eastbound lanes from approximately 5:30 p.m. until 10 p.m. The center divider was used as an eastbound alternative.

Benedict said one car hit another, but he provided no further details of the crash, which he said is still under investigation. He said the occupants of the striking car fled the scene on foot. No arrests have been made. Occupants of the other car suffered injuries, but Benedict did not provide details.

The accident caused a fluid spill and debris was spread on the highway, leading to the closure.