Need a new deal


I just drove by the Chili Cook-Off site and saw the many colorful, eco-friendly signs that the Malibu Bay Company and the City Council have erected. By linking Yes on Measure M to such straight-faced distortion to accomplish its end. If you believe that putting a sewer plant in the heart of Malibu is “saving the environment” then I’ve got a “Clear Skies” and “Healthy Forest” initiative that you might like as well.

The fact is that without that sewer system Perenchio’s buildup of Malibu will be severely curtailed. He’d have to dispose of the waste on his property on site and this means less commercialization. Why in God’s name would Malibu want to spend $25,000,000 for the Chili Cook-off site and then agree to treat all of the waste from the larger overall development that this sewer affords the Malibu Bay Company? Boondoggle is the only word for it.

Measure M stands for Misleading in my mind. Let’s negotiate a much better agreement with the Malibu Bay Company and let’s start it off by voting “no” on Measure M.

Bob Carmichael