Letter: Community Helpers

Letter to the Editor

We are fortunate to have sheriffs who are thoughtful. They have a lot of responsibility and not many tools at their disposal.

The homeless population here (already sizable) is growing. There is a recently formed group, Community Assistance Resource Taskforce, or CART, that looks at the well-being and protection of our community members who are both homeless and homed. We are working with government agencies, religious bodies, service providers with good track records, knowledgeable homeless persons and small groups and individuals here who are doing compassionate work with our homeless. 

As is typical of Malibu, the group is energetic, creative and eclectic. We need as many people as possible who are concerned about this, so we can hear different points of view and get the benefit of different approaches.

We meet at Malibu Methodist Church near Zuma Beach every other Wednesday at 2 p.m. We will meet on May 20 and on June 3. Please call 310.456.3591 for more information.

Carol Moss