Malibu Family Raising Money After Insurance Trouble in Mexico


A local family’s vacation to Cancun, Mexico, abruptly ended when the mother, six-months pregnant, had an emergency C-section due to medical complications. The mother, Maggie Stewart, gave birth to daughter Poppy, who weighed 1 lb. 6 oz., according to a GoFundMe established by a family friend.

The newborn was put on a ventilator and is “receiving antibiotics for a systemic infection.” 

Since the family is out of the country, they are without medical insurance. 

Per the GoFundme: “They were forced to pay in full for all medical treatment prior to care being given. They maxed out all their credit cards and even had to ask for help from their families.” 

To get Poppy the care she needed, the father, Jeremy, flew out with Poppy to the Children’s Hospital Miami, according to KTLA. Meanwhile, Maggie and her older daughter, Neri, are back in Cancun for a few days while she recovers.

For anyone interested in helping the family out, visit By the time The Malibu Times went to print, $52,115 of $100,000 had been raised in one day.