Highlights of the Point Dume Headlands Settlement


Parking Spaces. Ten parking spaces, including two disabled accessible, on Cliffside Drive. Eight are to be in the public right of way on the inland side. The location of the two disabled accessible spaces is to be determined by State Parks. The boulders are to be removed and construction of a fence around the preserve is to begin by December 2000. The city is to pay for removal of the boulders and construction of the parking spaces. California State Parks will pay for the fence.

Nature Bus. Beginning June 2000, a shuttle bus called the “Nature Bus” will operate between Westward Beach and the preserve seven days a week during the summer, and on weekends and holidays the rest of the year. The city estimates it will pay $50,000 a year for the Nature Bus.

Preserve Staffing and Visitor Services. State parks will provide a ranger who will support the state’s volunteer docent program, ensure public safety and protect the natural and cultural resources.

Management Plan. State Parks will prepare a management plan for the restoration, renovation and enhancement of the preserve. The carrying capacity of the preserve will be addressed. There will be a public hearing on the draft management plan March 2.

Preserve Access Study. Using information developed during the management plan, the city is to commission and pay for a transportation access study.

Coastal Commission Reimbursement. The commission will reimburse the city for $40,000 – $100,000 of its construction and signage expenses.