Love will find a way

Two years ago, I met a very special girl who lived halfway around the world. Two years ago, I began to understand the true meaning of love. You see, you cannot experience love unless you are willing to surrender to it. I had always been afraid to trust or to believe in anything other than my family and myself, especially when it embraces love and those feelings you cannot control. To love is to take a leap of faith, faith in the one you love, faith in yourself and God and faith that together all things are possible. I am writing to you all because I need your help. I need your help to continue my own leap of faith.

She is almost perfect with a heart and soul as pure as snow and a beauty that reaches far beyond the horizon. She was on an exchange program, working as an au pair. I met her by chance and we became the best of friends. I was too afraid of rejection and of falling in love so I never let her know that I was in love with her the moment I looked into her eyes. Shortly after meeting her, I had to return home due to a family illness. While returning home I did not know if I would ever see her again. I was somewhat relieved that at least I did not open myself up to her, however, I knew she was one of a kind and that I would always wonder “what if.” Shortly thereafter, her family sent her on a trip to their favorite destination so she could see other parts of the U.S. – my home town. The family had no idea I was from there. That weekend she flew to Santa Fe, I let her know that she was the greatest gift God has ever given me besides my family. I told her that I loved her. We were together. Though I had to remain home and help my parents, one of us flew out to see the other almost every other weekend. After almost a year, she could no longer wait for me to return to Malibu. Her visa had expired. Thanks being to God, my parents had a remarkable recovery and I was able to return to Malibu and spend the last month with the greatest person I have ever met. She is currently back home in Norway, and though we speak almost every night, it is very frustrating to be so close and yet so far from the one thing in life that makes me want to wake up each morning and journey through another day. I currently have a full time job and work on the weekends. I am willing to do just about anything during week nights to make money so that I may fly to Norway and ask my best friend to marry me. At present, I have no idea what her answer will be, only that I need to let go of the fears that hold me back, both in love and in life. I can not afford to miss any more work, so I wish only to fly to Norway and return immediately.

Hopeful in Malibu


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