Country roads


    Coming into Malibu will be a pain for several months. This pain is doing damage to all persons that live, work, play or earn a living from having invested in this city. This slide problem seems to have grown worse than need be, causing more pain than is necessary. I don’t know if past repairs were done correctly, or if a less drastic reaction would reduce the traffic problem, but a few simple things that I think would help a lot are: retime the Las Flores traffic signal to speed up flow at the two-lane site to at least 25 mph versus 2-3 mph and keep some police available at peak times to ticket the speeders and idiots passing outside lanes before and after the problem area. The work being done at these problem areas seems different than in past slides. I hope that there is someone really qualified in charge that is doing the best solution and looks for any ways possible to alleviate the traffic jam up. This bottleneck hurts all Malibu people even those older originals that would prefer PCH to be a corn field.

    Warren Arnold