Photos: Vintage Joy

Malibu Locals and visitors join the holiday festivities at Vintage Grocers on Friday afternoon.

Vintage Grocers Malibu hosted a holiday celebration on Friday afternoon. Music performed by Teresa James’ live band streamed through Trancas Market, while Malibu locals and visitors strolled through the grocery store looking for last minute stocking stuffers, speciality holiday items, groceries, and a wide variety of holiday goodies for the upcoming Christmas and Hanukkah celebrations. 

Santa’s helper and Vintage Grocers advertising and marketing coordinator Mary Carbonniere invited children to her at the “Kids’ Crafts Galore” table, filled with a variety of colorful and sparkling items for creating collage drawings, ornaments and more. Children and adults searched for the secret “Elf on the Shelf,” hiding tucked away in the store. A holiday cookie was given to those who could find this elusive little elf. 

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