Planetary Themes for the Month of January 2018



Take advantage of opportunities during the first week of the year to manifest more abundance or resources. You can also make progress toward accomplishing new goals. Remember to avoid taking hasty actions based on your emotions. On the 26th, the urge for independence and moving in a new direction begins to be strong.



You are in a favorable cycle for money, career and accomplishing goals through the 9th. During the second week of January, there may be some turbulence in your relationships. Avoid impulsive decisions and play it safe with finances. On the 17th, a shift occurs for you in the mental realm. Communications and social relationships take on more importance. 



An adjustment with finances can do you some good during the first week of the year. The urge to explore new possibilities, travel and be independent is strong through the 10th. After the 10th, your outlook can take on a more serious tone. It’s a time to take steps in the direction of your goals and make things happen in the world.



You are in a favorable cycle for personal relationships. Your love life can heat up. Children in your life can play a more important role. There will also be a balance required between other people’s needs and your own. Set some boundaries. Some adjustments with your finances and goals can do you good during the second half of the month.



Work, health and fitness can take on more importance. This is a good time to get tasks done and get better organized. Family or domestic matters may require more of your attention. Remember to be adaptable while working with family members. It could be all work and no play this month if you’re not careful. Take some time out for fun. 



Be willing to explore new areas or possibilities during the first week of January. Your positive attitude can take you far. You are in a favorable cycle for money or investment opportunities through the 8th. You can make some good practical decisions. Avoid taking impulsive actions during the middle of the month. Think things through carefully. 



Career and family matters take center stage through the 17th. You can make improvements in these areas. Toward the middle of the month, more balance will be required in the relationship area. It may do you some good to be more independent. On the 18th, a positive shift begins for relationships and your love life. 



Your serious and ambitious side can take you further in the direction of your goals. The tide is going your way to pursue new opportunities during the first week of the year. You also want to be heard and have ideas to be expressed. Remember to use that sense of humor. Patience and persistence will be required in your work life.



The urge to be independent and explore new possibilities is strong through the 10th. You can also benefit from more alone time and introspection. Seek to let go of any emotional baggage from the past. On the 26th, a positive shift and new cycle begins. You are ready to move forward with confidence in new directions. 


Your goal-oriented and ambitious side is in full force. The tide is flowing in your direction to make things happen. You can attract support or resources from your social network during the first week of the month. You are in a cycle for the expression of more love and abundance through the 17th. Make the most of opportunities during this period. 



You can find more joy through interactions with your friends and groups through the 10th. It can also do you some good to spend more alone time to set your intentions for the new year. On the 17th, Venus enters your sign until Feb. 10. This is a favorable period for the expression of love and attracting money opportunities.



You are in a position to take steps and begin to turn your dreams into reality. Outline a daily plan of action. New doors can open up for you through your social network. If you have any indecision, wait until the 11th to make sound decisions. Emotional connections to significant others deepen as you get tuned in to your needs.