New faith in teens

I would like to thank Shannon Ross for her very blunt and honest letter. I also thank her for encouraging me and helping to refurbish my hope in the next generation. It’s refreshing to know that there still are wise and aware teen-agers. I would love to see more stand up and voice their opinions.

Lately, this country seems to enjoy finding the negative traits in people and have portrayed the negative side of teen-agers. It’s about time that the teens show that they can be intelligent decision makers.

Perhaps if more teens (more people, in general) would be aware of the law of cause and effect, more responsibility would be instilled.

As our youth step out into the 21st century, they will be bringing with them a variety of different belief systems and the uncertainties of the 20th century. This is a pretty intense mission! It’s great that the parents want to get involved — much better than not caring! However, it seems that what is really needed is some good ole one-on-one communication!

So thanks again Shannon for sharing the facts and please continue to speak out as well as educate your peers and others.

Alessandra DeClario

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