Chiquita’s Friends Prepares for Upcoming Spay/Neuter Event in Tijuana

Geraldine Gilliland

Chiquita’s Friends, the Malibu-based nonprofit animal welfare group, is preparing for its next spay/neuter clinic in Tijuana, Mexico, on Jan. 17. A team of eight volunteers and 12 veterinarians will be participating, along with the nonprofit Birdhouse/DogHouse.

Malibu resident and founder of Chiquita’s Friends Geraldine Gilliland described the one-day event.

“We purchased a small house in one of the poorest neighborhoods in [Tijuana], and plan to spay/neuter 150-200 local dogs and cats there on Jan. 17 free of charge,” Gilliland wrote. “The house also serves as a local animal shelter and children’s learning center, providing one of the only safety nets for homeless dogs in Tijuana.”

Local donations “have made a huge difference,” Gilliland continued. “You can see a physical difference in this part of Mexico, where we have already spayed and neutered thousands of dogs and cats. When COVID hit, and all the vets closed and we cut back our events, you could see the problem starting to surface again.”

Spay/neuter services prevent millions of stray dogs and cats from being born, helping save lives and prevent suffering for animals that usually end up on the streets in Mexico—much more effective than rescuing one stray at a time.

Chiquita’s Friends also encounters animals that are extremely sick and need medical attention. They bring back some of the worst cases, including mother dogs with puppies, and have placed more than 75 dogs in good homes in the Malibu/LA area just since March 2020.

Gilliland asks for the continued support of the Malibu community so the group can expand its efforts. 

“A dog or cat suffering, regardless of where it is, deserves all our help,” she wrote. “So please donate and share so that we can continue to make a difference.”

Tax deductible donations can go to For additional information on Chiquita’s Friends and the upcoming spay/neuter event, contact