Trio in tune with times

As a long time resident, I would like to express my profound satisfaction with the results of the recent election.

The city fathers (and mothers) elected, and otherwise, are entitled to our abiding gratitude for their unrelenting concern, and their endless hours of work for the nurture and autonomy of this beautiful community.

But, alas, with all our sophistication, we have carried in our bones the more undesirable traits of the village strongmen (and women). The exaggerated sense of proprietorship, the temptation to turn common issues into personal grievances (all for the good of the people of course) and the inevitable finger pointing at those who are honestly working for the community as well as themselves.

The environmentally conscious pioneers who wanted to put in sewer lines (for four and one half million dollars) were not all playing tag with an “obscene” county which was providing us with such an abundance of facilities. The major developer whose name has been bandied around as if he were doing something intrinsically wrong or anti people, is as creatively involved in Malibu’s future as those who feel they are redeeming us from his business exploits.

I believe that the House-Jennings-Kearsley trio is a godsend at this time.

John V. Sheridan

The Malibu Times is the first newspaper in Malibu, serving the community since 1946.

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