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My dear Mr. Reed Jr.

You completely misinterpreted my letter. I do not hate anyone including Bill Clinton. I, like a lot of other people — both Democrats and Republicans — simply hate what he has done.

Vietnam war! Most Americans do not support any war. As President Roosevelt once said, “We hate war!” But if there is a war, most Americans serve their country as, indeed, they should. But Bill Clinton is sending our boys into war — when he wouldn’t go himself. Clinton has disgraced the office of the presidency — you know it and everyone knows it — (unless, of course, everyone is blind and deaf).

Prosperity for conservatives! Really Mr. Reed Jr., it amazes me that you are not aware that we have had a predominantly Republican Congress for the past five-plus years. But according to your thinking Congress does not count.

Lie? I heard him on TV and watched him. Clinton has used my White House and your White House, my oval office and your oval office, for his sexual philandering. Really, Mr. Reed Jr., maybe in your case “Father Knows Best!”

P.S. Our big surplus general funds. Why shouldn’t it go back to the taxpayer? Many of our presidents send billions of dollars to other countries when I get at least four or five letters each month seeking for donations – Boys Town, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Feed the Children, etc. I believe charity begins at home!


Reta Templeman

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