Parks are precious


Thank you for printing the letter I wrote to Councilmember Sharon Barovsky in last week’s Letters to the Editor column. This letter noted my concern regarding Charmlee Wilderness Park. I am happy to report that I received a favorable reply stating, “I would never vote to endanger any of our parks.” For clearer information, she encouraged me to access “the very specific statements by our City Attorney.” Councilmember Barovsky also assured me that “Charmlee is a deed restricted park.”

So, thank you Councilmember Sharon Barovsky for realizing the environmental necessity for not only Charmlee, but for your support of the Malibu Legacy Park Project, sometimes referred to as Malibu’s Central Park. As a native New Yorker, I can vouch that the real Central Park “saved my life.” I have been an “animal person” for as long as I can remember. (At 3, I yelled out my window at teens torturing a cat that I was going to call the police and they ran!). My grandparents taught me gardening since the age of 4.

Living in the city wasn’t the easiest place to do these things or to observe nature! My daily walks through Central Park and the precious times that I could spend hours there nourished this need. Although Malibu is blessed with Nature’s beauty, a central location for a park will encourage many. Most importunately, the main function of this park will act as an environmental necessity.

I encourage others to go beyond the politics and personal agendas and support Malibu Legacy Park Project. I also encourage it to have a clause (like Charmlee has) in the sale documents to make sure that this new park “not be encumbered or sold.”

Alessandra DeClario