From the Right: We Need to Take Strong Action to Control Our Border

Don Schmitz

Is our border in a crisis? Really, is there any doubt? I mean, outside of the stubborn denials of White House (WH) Secretary Jen Psaki, who refused to admit it (she slipped up in March and accidently called it such). How do we formulate policy when our administration seems to be living in a fantasy land devoid of reality?

Fact is, the rhetoric and policies of the WH have resulted in historically unprecedented surges of illegal immigration. When caravans march to the border wearing Biden T-shirts, telling reporters our new WH welcomes them, the nexus is clear.

Perhaps they heard Vice President Kamala Harris compare ICE to the KKK in 2018 and that we should “start from scratch” on restructuring ICE (a.k.a. abolish it as others had proposed). The president put her in charge of the problem, whereupon she held a press conference telling the illegal immigrants: “Do not come.”

It appears that the caravans saw a wink and a nod during the broadcast. When the cartels start shipping so many humans across the border, they have to give them wrist bands like organized groups to Disneyland, we have issues. By June we had already arrested over one million, in July 212,000, August 208,887; we are breaking records, bad ones.

In contrast last year the numbers were at the lowest levels since 2004. Over 50,000 have been released into the U.S. this year, “promising” to show up for their hearing. According to the Office of Immigration Review, 43 percent won’t show up for their hearings, the highest Failure to Appear rates of any state or federal courts in America. It’s a farce. 

Maybe they are coming because President Joe Biden immediately issued executive orders rolling back tough immigration policies. Maybe it was the immediate cessation of construction of the hated Trump border wall (we are now paying contractors millions of dollars to not build the wall).

Many theories abound, but one thing is sure, the contrast before and after the change of the presidency couldn’t be starker, and it isn’t just human trafficking. ICE seized more fentanyl by May than in all of 2020, enough to kill many thousands of Americans. The sex slave trade of minors also appears to be flourishing, estimated to be a $1 billion criminal enterprise.

Could there possibly be anything more repugnant to the American psyche? The evilest scourges of the human experience flowing across our border; devastating drugs, slavery and forced child prostitution. Is it a crisis?

What about the cause celeb that catapulted  Biden into the WH, the COVID-19 pandemic? While the WH demands Americans get vaccinated, threatening fines to companies that don’t require it, they are not requiring the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants they are releasing into America to be vaccinated, or even tested.

In contrast tourists from overseas will be allowed to vacation here now, but only if they can prove they are vaccinated, but they are denied entry if un-jabbed. Psaki explained recently that is because undocumented immigrants are “not intending to stay here for a lengthy period of time.” Surreal.

No longer are the majority of the undocumented coming from Mexico, since 2014 the shift has been to South America and the Caribbean. We have all seen the pictures of thousands of Haitians camping under bridges in Texas.

Increasingly, thousands of Eastern Europeans have been apprehended, and folks from Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Word is getting out, if you can get to Mexico, you can walk into the U.S.

You might also have noticed that a radical Islamic regime took over Afghanistan last month; you know, those charming Taliban cutting off limbs, stoning women and supporting international terrorism like al-Qaeda. They emptied out their jails of terrorists we helped imprison at Bagram Airbase.

Do you think it will be long before jihadists start taking advantage of our lax border enforcement? Are you willing to wait until the tragedy happens?

Invariably this topic will result in name calling, assertions of racism, classism, imperialism, etc. It is even more tainted with the still-boiling emotions over the Trump administration, which made border enforcement a foundation issue.

You can’t speak rationally in America on any issue involving Trump; people on both sides growl and make rash statements about your lineage. Well, it is time to grow up and get over it. The complete meltdown of our Southern border IS a crisis, and every adult in the room knows it. 

The WH policies to date are an utter disaster, exacerbating nothing less than waves of disease, drugs, criminal syndicates and even slavery. Our country is hurting badly, and we need to take strong action to control our border. Set aside the petty partisan posturing, listen to our border experts at ICE about what works and get busy on fixing it.