Mouse house banned


    There once was a mouse who lived in a house

    Built in the City of Malibu

    The mouse house was only 18 inches high, setback 40 inches

    Only 2 inches by 2 inches and with lot coverage of .002%

    It had no peaked roof to spoil the viewshed, had

    A teacup septic tank, and only two native plants

    As the wholesale nursery only had four rationed native plants.

    He prayed for rain and hoped that a butterfly would sweat

    So that his plant his would thrive.

    The City Council had a “Grand Mal” plan (called a general plan)

    Not to let anyone build more mouse houses.

    This plan would be implemented by the Zoning Ordinance

    And further “Hamstring” any building by the LUP/LCP.

    Close the gate! No more mouse houses can be built! We got ours!

    “Twinkletoes Mouse”

    Nane withheld by request