La Monte Installed as President of California Contract Cities Association

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City of Malibu Mayor Pro Tem Lou La Monte was installed as president of the California Contract Cities Association (CCCA) at the group’s 57th annual municipal seminar on May 14. 

The CCCA is made up of over 70 cities that contract with their counties for municipal services, including sheriff and fire departments, to ensure the best service at a minimum cost. The group also combines resources to participate in policy and legislative decisions that affect both member cities and the State of California as a whole. 

During the conference, La Monte laid out his goals for his term, which include revitalizing the CCCA’s tradition of creating new legislation, adding new member cities, continuing to reflect California’s diversity, increasing the CCCA’s access to lawmakers and striving for greater transparency in the organization. 

“The California Contract Cities Association will be a constant presence in Sacramento, and the new legislature will get to know us, our communities, our ideas and concerns,” La Monte said in a release.