Uses gas to save gas


Trying to do my bit to reduce pollution and save our energy resources, I’ve been very careful about grouping my errands and avoiding driving my car unnecessarily. Obviously the cost of a gallon of gas has strengthened my resolve. Two days ago, I began to re-register my car. Since I was going to be in San Fernando Valley, I chose to go to a DMV on Kester Avenue. There was some sort of protest going on and that office was closing at 3 p.m. No problem, there was an AAA office next door. I explained that I was unable to find my renewal notice, but I had my registration. Although I was loaded down with credit cards, they only accepted cash for DMV transactions. I walked to a market that had an ATM machine. Back to the AAA! My cash could not get me registered because there was a Smog Test requirement on my re-registration. The clerk took my money and gave me a receipt and advised me that I would get registered when I had the Smog Test.

The next morning, I drove to the garage where I usually had my car tested. The manager told me he couldn’t test my car since it had to be tested at a Smog Test Only facility. I asked him what would happen if my car did not pass the test. In that case, he told me, I could bring it back to him to be fixed and then I would have to drive back to the Test Only site to get it passed. Back home I searched the Internet and found the nearest Smog Test Only in Agoura, a 35 mile round trip from home. If my car didn’t pass, I would have to drive a minimum of 70 miles to get my car registered. Fortunately, the car passed.

I decided to drive directly to an AAA office in Thousand Oaks. I explained that I had not been able to find my re-registration notice. The clerk told me that I couldn’t find it because the DMV had a release of liability on the car and had never sent it. After filling out a form, I received the coveted blue 2009 sticker that makes it possible for me to drive legally.

Is our local bureaucracy really interested in saving gasoline? Or time?

Agnes Peterson