Malibu Welcomes a New Amico: Tramonto

Tramonto recently opened where Giovanni’s once stood. The restaurant offers a selection of pastas, pizzas and delivery. 

It’s tough to open a restaurant on “the other side” of PCH, but newcomer Tramonto makes it look easy as a piece of pie — pizza pie. 

Nando Silvestri opened Tramonto in the same space where Italian watering hole Giovanni’s once stood. Although the old Italian joint was popular with locals and tourists alike, Tramonto also seems to be a hit with the neighborhood. Their ambiance is intimate and cozy, and their slogan is “Why Cook? Why Drive? We Deliver.” 

Although delivery is a must in Malibu, many Italian foodies enjoy coming into the restaurant to soak up the atmosphere. It’s clean and neat with an open kitchen where you can watch your goodies come straight from the oven. 

There are any number of appetizers to choose, from a classic burrata with dreamy mozzarella stuffed with mascarpone cheese over a bed of mixed greens and seasonal tomatoes, to a carpaccio of thinly sliced tenderloin of beef with arugula, shaved reggiano-parmiggiano and lemon vinaigrette, to cozze e vongole with black mussels and Manila clams sautéed with garlic and white wine in a sharp arrabiata sauce. 

With so many choices, it’s hard to decide, and if you fall into the indecisive category, be sure to try the house antipasto Italiano, which blends mixed greens, tomato, roasted peppers, carrots, mushrooms, olives, artichoke hearts, prosciutto and mozzarella. 

But that’s just for starters. There’s a full menu of courses to follow. The eatery offers a wide array of chicken, beef and pasta dishes.

Tramonto means “sunset” in Italian and when it comes to ordering, and as the sun goes down, you can take your pick. Silvestri’s carefully crafted menu provides a multitude of choices from Northern and Southern Italy. The combo pizzas have all the favorites, and some new ones as well. You’ll find a hearty Della Casa, with pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, onions and bell peppers. 

For veggie lovers, try the vegetarian pizza: simple, yet divine with mushrooms, eggplant, zucchini, bell peppers and tomato sauce. For a little something different, pick up a Hawaiian pizza with pineapple and Canadian bacon or the Bianco e Neve with spinach, garlic and ricotta. 

When it comes to salads, the chopped is a popular option. It’s done up with finely chopped lettuce, garbanzo beans, tomatoes, avocado, mozzarella and olives, topped up with a flavorful vinaigrette. More delicious dishes are the Spinaci e noci, a medley of baby green spinach, Roquefort cheese and black figs, or the special Nonna, made with mixed greens, grilled chicken, sliced pears and caramelized walnuts and topped with blue cheese. 

You’ll find another mouthwatering choice at the gnocchi bar. The gnocchi is made with delicate potato dumplings, topped with spicy puttanesa, classic Bolognese or a veggie primavera. 

All in all, Tramonto is a great choice for the summer. Best of all, they’ll bring the goods straight to you, delivering from Coastline to Trancas. Buon appetito!