Malibu Realtors convene in Sacramento

From left: Malibu Realtors Dan Ross, Jan Thompson and Bill Bowling stand in front of the state capitol building during their recent trip to meet with legislators.

Malibu Association of Realtors President Jan Thompson, President-Elect Dan Ross, former President Bill Bowling and Executive Officer Susan Manners traveled to Sacramento to meet with Assemblymember Julia Brownley and Senator Fran Pavley at the state capital. Directors from each local Board of Realtors in the State of California travel to Sacramento annually for Legislative Day to discuss important issues related to real estate.

Realtors gave input on a Point of Sale bill that could have cost home buyers thousands of dollars per escrow, which was eventually defeated this year. Other Legislative Day topics included pending bills regarding home appraisals, a forced withholding on all independent contractors and a transfer tax on the filing of all grant deeds.