Don’t buckle under


East Malibu landowners should not be intimidated by the dictates of the Local State Water Board and its non-elected officials who serve ad infinitum, becoming more adept at waterboarding coastal communities by honing their lack of due process skills and expanding their power beyond Constitutional bounds. These dangerous enviro storm troopers are predictable because they are ideologues who plunder the coastal cities tenaciously and never, ever alter their initially stated intentions.

The property owners will suffer substantial or catastrophic financial losses in the form of the ever increasing costs and fees of sewer systems and plunging property values. Law suits for injunctive relief, monetary damages and attorney fees should include theories of failure of the board to consider and specify the economic hardships imposed as required by three state laws to which the board is subject and Inverse Condemnation (under the state and federal constitutions takings clauses), in this contest knows as “regulatory takings.” The Water Board should bear the burden of proving the underlying scientific facts relating to each septic tank targeted vis a vis the Malibu Watershed which will then permit heretofore ignored scientists retained by the City and others to rebut the predetermined findings of the Board’s hired guns.

But the Nov. 5 vote, which, of course, is a mere formality for these radicals, must be attacked on or before that date. Fight them now or they will continue to overwhelm churches, schools, homeowners and small business owners with Trotsky-like precision and speed. The freedoms gained by our1992 incorporation will disappear overnight. You can trust them about as much as you can trust non-elected lifetimes czars Edmiston and Douglas of the California Coastal Commission.

Conrad Kohrs