Malibu Woman Shares Serenity Through a Passion for Crystals

Alessandra Avellanet (right), artist at SorenityRocksMalibu, experiences the healing benefits of amethyst, which include relaxation, recovery, and more, during a session with Lenise Sorén. 

Ever since she was a little girl, Lenise Sorén was attracted to the power of crystals. Astonished by their beauty, she bought her first at age 10, then became passionate about using crystals as an alternative to traditional medicine at age 12, suffering from sinus infections as a competitive swimmer. 

She put pieces of amber and lapis in her pocket and said she was “shocked at the added support and relief.” Now, as an adult, Sorén not only is an expert in the use of crystals — she works as a luxury crystal designer, healer and gallerist with a new pop-up store in the Malibu Lumber Yard. The curiosity and response at her storefront has been so strong, Sorén is looking to extend her lease and even open up a second location of her business, a play on words: “SorenityRocksMalibu.”

It’s serenity that Sorén hopes to achieve for shoppers, browsers and the community at large with her experiences and display of healing and functional pieces of crystal and art. Visitors to the store are offered a variety of crystal water that comes from an urn laden with crystals such as rose quartz. Store employees said the rose quartz “raises the vibration of the water,” which can amplify healing and soothing qualities. Cell phone use is prohibited to promote focus and awareness. Passersby to the store have been intrigued by what’s inside.

In addition to running a private crystal sanctuary in West Hollywood and 10 years at the Melrose Trading Post, Sorén has exhibited at the Malibu Farmer’s Market and the Malibu Arts Festival as an artist and healer. She uses massive “singing bowls” made of crystal for sound bath treatments to facilitate wellness and what she calls “moving stagnant energy.” The crystals she uses and sells in the store can weigh as much as a ton and she and her crew of young women staffers have been known to move some of them on their own. SorenityRocks artist Allesandra Avellanet called it a “crystal workout.” 

Depending on the rarity of the pieces, they can cost millions of dollars but, Avellanet said, “There is a price range for everyone — starting at free.” Some crystals can be used for handheld meditation, decoration or to create energy in a home or space — often used in feng shui.

“The intention of SorenityRocksMalibu is to create an incubator for artists to exhibit, expand,” Sorén explained, describing her space as a crystal, interactive wellness gallery and performing arts sanctuary. The works of painter Xante Carroll are being featured now. “The large crystals detoxify and keep it a pure environment. The crystals amplify this work,” she described.

“I physicalize with crystals,” Sorén said. “People can sit on them — stand on them. If someone is working on brain balancing, I’m going to put their head in a large piece of amethyst. I do crystal cleanses. People become more relaxed. Their brains slow down. They seem to be more present.

“In 2017, the most frequent thing I’m suggesting for people — texting and computing are not going anywhere. I use it, but I compensate. How much toxicity are you taking in? You have to compensate with a balance of water and detoxifying actions.”

Sorén said she has plans for the year ahead.

“I’m excited for the new year to have a space in Malibu for artists to exhibit and to experience their artistry among large crystals. I’m sharing them here because I care about this place,” she said. “There are a lot of artists who have a lot of wisdom to give, but they don’t have a place to share. I’m happy I can create this space — a place for artists to share and where kids can come and try to find some passion, direction, guidance — some influence other than a computer.”

Sorén also emphasized crystals are for everyone.

“You can’t get more organic than crystals. They are minerals. You put minerals in your body,” Sorén said. “You eat them, put them on your skin — bathe in them. I find having very large crystals in one’s environment creates a different energy in the space. They’re incredible tools for efficiency and wellness. They help people stay present. Yes, they’re for sale, but it’s also important for me to create an environment for people who can’t buy them to be able to experience them.

“They help balance the brain,” she continued. “The tactile feeling in your hands can keep you more focused, can help in compulsivity and addiction — be calming. They’re big forces of energy.”

Look for classes and community events including gong sessions at SorenityRocksMalibu.