No cure-all for idiots


    Why is it that every time some cranky citizen observes some miscreant breaking the law the citizen generalizes his complaint against the idiot he observed into a desire to ban all related activity by otherwise law abiding folks?

    I refer to the letter of Mr. Bassill Aug. 31 in which he advocates “. . .make it illegal for motorcycles to go on Latigo Canyon. . .make it illegal to have motorcycles on this road.”

    I have an equally ludicrous idea: Why not ban automobiles from Latigo and other twisty canyon roads? Surely they take up more room than 2-wheelers and stray over the center line trying to negotiate the curves, causing much more danger to others than motorcyclists.

    Have you ever seen a tourist driving with one hand on the wheel and taking photos of the beautiful scenery with the other while careening down Encinal, Decker or Latigo? I have. But I get over it. . .so should Bassill.

    Ronald E. Stackler